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I imagine less angsty kids, elitists and what have you will be drawn to the' more ugly' game with gold wow classic a much slower pace. There is also the fact that I love the lore that's keeping me here, especially all the Lovecraftian shit concerning the Old Gods.I've been studying the Warcraft chronicles, seeing lore videos, paying attention to the figures in game and their motives. All that is 10/10.
I am in love with the world, WOW Classicplay, the RPG, but maybe not the MMO. I will keep playing with Retail for Shadowlands to the Veterans of this series that have been complaining for so long, but for now I just wish to allow you to know that I now get what you've been speaking about. I feel. WOW Classic is not the wow classic gold many men and women hear about today. Glad to get this off my chest, and thank you.
Guilds are what get me. While leveling new characters, I receive so many automatic guild invites, and I decline all them. Because each and every time, without fail, the guild has no reason to exist. Nobody talks in guild chat. There will be projected occasions at the calendar but not once have I seen anything really occur. The automatic message - that, by the way, I nor anybody else had asked to receive - makes a lot of empty promises of group activities that just never happen. It's annoying.
I'm a new player too, simply hit level 45 on cheap wow classic gold my first toon and I do not share the same experience as the OP. Perhaps it's because I'm on playing no clue, as a paladin. I recall when I was barely out of goldshire and got to stormwind the first time I was excited af.

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