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Scenario: A Citrix Architect is implementing a new Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment. The IT team has purchased 1,000 Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Advanced licenses.
Moving forward, the company requires the IT team to produce a report of all unsuccessful connections of Citrix Virtual Apps during the previous 12 months. 
Which two actions does the architect need to take to support these requirements? (Choose two.) 
A. Configure ‘GroomSessionsRetentionDays' to 365 days. 
B. Upgrade to Citrix Virtual Desktops Premium licenses. 
C. Configure ‘GroomFailuresRetentionDays’ to 365 days. 
D. Upgrade to Citrix Gateway Universal licenses. 
E. Implement Citrix Application Delivery Management. 
Answer: AE

Scenario: A Citrix Architect completed an assessment of an existing environment. The architect learned that one of the business requirements dictate that automatic update functionality is disabled, and that deployment is exclusively done by electronic software distribution (ESD). 
Which parameter is required to configure the Citrix Workspace Updates settings from the command line interface, when installing Citrix Workspace app for Windows? 
A. /AutoUpdateStream=current 
B. /AutoUpdateCheck=auto 
C. /AutoUpdateStream=disabled 
D. /AutoUpdateCheck=disabled 
Answer: D

Scenario: A planning document for deploying a new Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Site specifies that it will be created with 1 Site and different zones ini each of 3 regions. The IT team expects that each zone will host 825 concurrent user sessions, with no more than 28 concurrent session launches. 
What is the minimum acceptable Site-to-Site bandwidth required between the Primary Zone and a Satellite Zone? 
A. 1 Kbps 
B. 200 Mbps 
C. 2 Mbps 
D. 8 Gbps 
Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Architect is designing a new Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment. While assessing the existing infrastructure, the architect determined that a number of users utilize legacy USB print devices that they will continue to need locally and within HDX sessions. The current HDX-optimized print virtual channel will NOT support these devices, so the architect decides that the Generic USB redirection channel should be used. 
Which two factors must the architect consider when using Generic USB redirection? (Choose two.) 
A. It requires more network bandwidth compared to standard HDX virtual channels. 
B. Local access to printers will be lost until the HDX sessions is disconnected or ended. 
C. Manufacturer printer drivers will need to be installed on user workstations. 
D. The Citrix Virtual Channel Software Development Kit (VCSDK) will be required. 
E. It is supported for only USB 3.0 devices and features. 
Answer: AD

Scenario: Currently, the user interface for a Citrix Apps and Desktops environment is presented in English, but a planned on-premises expansion in Poland will support 100 new users with a requirement to use all Polish interfaces. 
Two constraints were identified by a Citrix Architect: 
- Network bandwidth is low and unstable. 
- Network latency is higher than 300 ms to the existing Site. 
How should the architect deploy Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for these users? 
A. Install a StoreFront server in Poland. 
B. Implement Citrix Cloud Gateway in Europe. 
C. Add a Satellite Zone to the existing Site. 
D. Create a new Site in Poland. 
Answer: A


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