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Share some Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin SPLK-1003 exam questions and answers below.
Which setting in indexes.confallows data retention to be controlled by time? 
A. maxDaysToKeep 
B. moveToFrozenAfter 
C. maxDataRetentionTime 
D. frozenTimePeriodInSecs 
Answer: D

Which Splunk component distributes apps and certain other configuration updates to search head cluster members? 
A. Deployer 
B. Cluster master 
C. Deployment server 
D. Search head cluster master 
Answer: A

In case of a conflict between a whitelist and a blacklist input setting, which one is used? 
A. Blacklist 
B. Whitelist 
C. They cancel each other out. 
D. Whichever is entered into the configuration first. 
Answer: A

In which Splunk configuration is the SEDCMDused? 
A. props.conf 
B. inputs.conf 
C. indexes.conf 
D. transforms.conf 
Answer: A

Which parent directory contains the configuration files in Splunk? 
D. $SPLUNK_HOME/default 
Answer: A


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